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Greyhound CEO Sanchit Vir Gogia Says Analysts Need To Keep Their Heads On Their Shoulders #IIAR #InfluencerRelations #AnalystRelations

In the latest Coffee Talk webinar (hereGreyhound founder Sanchit Vir Gogia talks about the way his business has focussed research on specific client needs like IT strategy, sales and marketing. The Springboard and Forrester alumnus also places the three Greyhound businesses in context, and how they reinforce each other. He gives great examples of helping the CEO of a major cosmetics company to connect customer satisfaction with IT, using inventory management to drive better outcomes, and of helping an IT services firm to decide where to locate its offices. The Greyhound Golden Gate is also explained: it’s their community for over 100 of Asia’s most innovative IT buyers.

I’ve found Sanchit to be one of the smartest and most candid, and critically-minded when speaking about the analyst industry, and in the call he also mentions other firms, including Gartner, Forrester and HfS Research. so I am also delighted that his firm is one of the sponsors of the Analyst Relations Forum.

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Making Research Work for Your Organization

Business Impact

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.”
— Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

As opposed to popular belief that market research is losing relevance in face of the abundance of available data, the truth is actually reverse. While there are multiple data sources, the challenge lies in filtering what is relevant to your organization and the business problem at hand.

As a Research Manager with Greyhound Sculpt, I’m responsible for leading consulting assignments in emerging markets. My role has pushed me to go beyond basic skills such as resource management, pre-sales support among other areas and has encouraged me to actively innovate at every step of the consulting lifecycle.

  • Collaborative Project Management is the key to successful delivery. A project from ideation to delivery must be managed systematically including consistent client servicing, clear vendor communication and coordinated teamwork. We champion these aspects at all times and work in tandem with our clients and vendors to deliver value.
  • Business outcomes before research objectives. While working on research projects it is important to have holistic idea of the expected outcomes for the business. My endeavor as project lead is to always look beyond the defined research objectives and focus on the business side impacts of the project. For example a recent customer satisfaction study that we executed for a global cosmetic giant captured more than just the product feedback and helped identify existing supply-chain irregularities.
  • Research and Design is a marriage made in heaven. Organizations today grapple with ensuring longevity of research content – visual recall helps solve this issue. We emphasize on using innovative ways of designing our research content through creative infographics and presentations. An example would be complimenting a blog with a graphical data-point (See Article: Enterprise Mobility – Value Lies in Data, Not Device Alone! – LinkedIn).
  • Redefine client-vendor relationship, work as partners. It is imperative clients and research organizations work in a symbiotic manner, and take time-out to work through project roadblocks together. For each project we strive to create synergies between our project team and the client team. In case of operational project challenges, we encourage both parties to engage in interactive discussions that help align thoughts, get fresh perspectives and start over again.

Greyhound Knowledge Group today exhibits this new culture of research. Against popular perception of large research organizations driving better value, my personal experience tells me otherwise. I believe that it is smaller firms that are highly focused on delivering value and driving innovation around client business outcomes. In a few words, an organization must always think holistically when outsourcing research projects and practice prudence when measuring the offered outcomes for the business problem and the associated business unit.

Whats you Standpoint?

Do you agree with my thoughts from above? Are you able to maximize outcomes from research projects your organization is currently undertaking? Please leave your thoughts in comments below or send us a quick note on and it’ll be a pleasure to catch-up!

About the Author:

The author is Manasi Parvatikar, Research Manager at Greyhound Sculpt, the business research and advisory arm of the Greyhound Knowledge Group.

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Women Entrepreneurs: Sweating It Out!

Traditionally seen as the family bulwark, women are now emerging as a force in the enterprise. In fact, multiple examples like Jaswantiben Jamnadas Popat (Lijjat Papad), Rajni Bector (Cremica Foods) speaks of the entrepreneurial success of women in many fields.  And now, the regular working woman is also fast metamorphosing into the entrepreneur woman.

Is it any different (or difficult) when women take up business aspirations?

What are the mindsets or prejudices that they encounter?

How rocky is their road to success as compared to their male counterparts?

These are the few of the many questions that remain unanswered.

Greyhound Sculpt, the Consumer Research & Innovation arm of Greyhound Knowledge Group undertook a study to better understand the issues faced by women entrepreneurs in India. The study interviewed over 1000 women (among SEC A2B1) running their own ventures spread across NCR, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad.

Below are some of the key outcomes of the study:

  • Women are happy entrepreneurs. 50% respondents stated they are happy being an entrepreneur as it gives them a sense of freedom. However, 20% women claimed they started their own business to follow their passion and satiate their need for creative satisfaction. For example, makeup artists opening their own salon, housewives starting home cooked food delivery services for the office goers among others. On the other hand, 20% respondents have started their own business for a better standard of living.
  • Challenge of balancing work and family: More than 40% women claimed that they either work from home or near their homes to look after their family and completing regular chores. 45% of women stress on the fact that being an entrepreneur gives them the flexibility of time.
  • A constant struggle to be taken seriously: A major part of the women surveyed – 68% faced the challenge of not being taken seriously. In addition, 40% claimed that their family members did not approve or were not confident of them being entrepreneurs. This re-enforces that family approval (especially elders and husbands) play a decisive role for women in business matters.
  • Some sectors are perceived as ‘No Entry’ for women entrepreneurs: Self imposed barriers do exist. Women claimed that there are some sectors where there are strong entry barriers. Sectors like transport; Real Estate, Automobiles, etc are identified as sectors with very strong entry barriers to women entrepreneurs.

Women entrepreneurs are a brave new breed and soon, with technology, finances and other business support on their side, may be a significant sector of enterprise. Despite business styles that may be different from their male counterparts, their business skills are just as sharp. This new breed of enterprises will need as much technology and marketing support, which could be an interesting market opportunity.

What’s your Standpoint?

Do the trends above also reflect your story? Are you also struggling, as a woman, to make a mark as entrepreneur? What support do you think will create that impetus for your new business? Leave a comment and share with us your experience or send us an email on

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